Who will I miss when they’re gone? Could I help fix them now?

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We managed to reverse Dad’s Type 2 Diabetes and my prediabetes. As you can see in the film we focused on nutrition, exercise, and mind. 

We believe we succeeded because we tackled Dad’s illness together, as a family. It was tough, but we got there. None of us could have done it on our own. 

We have had an amazing response to the film, and now we want to help other families reverse or at least improve Type 2 Diabetes.  There is nothing special about us. We did it and you can do it too.

We did it and you can too

More and more people are fixing themselves or their loved one by following our program of nutrition, exercise and mind.
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Seeing Geoff's story was the catalyst that was needed to change my lifestyle, my motivation to improve my health was resolute and with the support of my wife and family I proceeded to start to "Fix Tom". This was just over 9 weeks ago and since starting to diet I have currently lost 16.8 kilos. Read more.

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I find the Fixing Dad plan a  simple, common sense approach to changing your way of eating for life. The app is easy to use, interesting with lots of support from qualified coaches and the forum is great too. So far I have lost 1.5 stone with 4 to go, but I'm getting there and I'm happier than I've been for a long time. Read more.

Testimonial from program member class of 2016

Seeing the Fixing Dad programme was a light bulb moment. I signed up and chose to have the mentor option, which for me helped hugely in the first few weeks especially as having someone to respond to messages and advise on one horrendous carb flu episode was just so reassuring and helpful! So far I've lost 13lbs with another 11lbs to go. My waist is 3 inches less and I'm wearing tailored trousers that I haven't worn in 2 years! Read more.

Testimonial from program member class of 2016

The Fixing Dad/WoE program has changed my relationship with food - how I think about food, how I choose my food and how I consume my food. The benefits have included almost unlimited energy, better sleep, lower blood pressure and a 20% result reduction to my resting heart rate. Read more.

Testimonial from program member class of 2016

I hugely enjoyed the programme; it was extremely motivating, insightful and enjoyable. I feel a lot more informed about sensible choices going forwards and have lost a significant amount of weight in a sustainable way. I’d hugely endorse the programme for anybody wishing to take control of their health and weight. It far exceeded my expectations; a big thumbs up.

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