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The power of coaching

The Fixing Dad program is designed to combine the content on our app with the support of a coach and we find that having a coach greatly improves people’s staying power and rate of weight loss.

Our expert coaches work with you and support you every step of the way to make sure you get the most out of the program.

  • At the start we explore and expand on your goals and motivations which makes a big difference to how easily you stay on track with the program.
  • Your coach will review your food log at intervals to make sure you are getting the best results and to give you tips and tweaks to help you along the way.
  • At the end of the program we review your progress and make sure that you feel confident about your new way of eating.
  • In addition you can contact your coach with questions, for motivation, when dealing with stress… whatever you need.

More support = more success

Over 75% of coached customers lose at least a stone and drop one BMI category over the course of the program.

Personalised advice

Your coach will work with you to really personalise the program, to focus on your own individual needs. Some people are completely new to low carb and need help to learn a whole new way of eating, where to shop, what to buy, what to cook, where to eat out… Others might have all of that sorted but need help to stick to healthy eating because of stress or emotional eating, whatever your experience, we are here to help.

Helping you to overcome your barriers

Our coaches are experienced in guiding people through changing their eating habits and activity levels, they are not there to judge but to help guide you to an understanding of what your barriers and individual factors that might be and how you can overcome them.

Loved by our customers

Here’s what some of our coached customers have to say:

“The support I have received from the coaches on the Way of Eating website has been invaluable, not just about nutrition, but about many other issues relating to the journey I'm on.” Tom, UK
“The coach, in my case the fantastic Aurora, offers support and pointers as to what you're doing right and could do better on. She even checked a menu at a restaurant in the early phase of a diet to advise on what I could eat and should avoid!” Darren, UK
“The coaching was invaluable as I needed lots of advice and no question was too silly and I always had prompt replies, the positive feedback from my coach was a great help during the course and I am grateful that I was able to benefit from it. I would not have been successful if it wasn't for the coaching” Stephen, UK
“I really liked the coaching approach, it was very supportive but not intrusive. All of the advice is well thought through with a complete understanding of life- meaning sometimes life gets in the way and nobody is perfect!” Gail, UK

Your coaching options

Essential coaching
Per month for 3 months
You get a weekly coaching session during your program, and unlimited Q&A.
Daily coaching
Per month for 3 months
Your coach advises and supports you and your loved one 5 days a week throughout the program.

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