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Fixing Dad is ultimately about one family coming together to make a change. It is the search for truth, the questioning of accepted norms and the overcoming of seemingly insurmountable challenges. And, true to its origins, it uses the cinematic power that has inspired so many people to join the Fixing Movement.

The overwhelming response to Fixing Dad has shown us that people want to make positive changes in their lives or the lives of people close to them, but that they struggle to do it alone. It has also shown us the vital importance of striving for goals, together. When we set goals together we can inspire each other and achieve more than we ever imagined possible.

The Fixing Movement is a series of regional events which will do just that; it will bring inspiring stories together to create the next generation of inspirers; the next wave of Fixers! 

Each event will feature 'Fixing Dad Behind the Film' with talks from the team about reversing chronic illness, several film stories about local people with talks from the protagonists themselves, Q&A sessions and of course, fabulous healthy food!

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How do I fix myself or a loved one?

Do the 12 week program as a family to make the changes you need in diet, exercise and mind.
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We are trying to help people #getfixed one family at a time.
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