Here's how to fix yourself

"There are no quick fixes, but there is hope. If I can do it anyone can!"  - Geoff Whitington, Fixing Dad
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"If you are tackling a change in lifestyle without a family of fixers, expert support from our coaches can make all the difference"
Caroline, Fixing Dad coach.
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How it works

Our 12 week program guides you through changes to your diet and exercise - at the right level for you.

Simple to follow

All you need is an Apple or Android phone or tablet. Our app gives you the information & tools you need to succeed.

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Get a loved one to help you

Spouse, brother, sister, grown-up kids: who can help you as you work on beating Type 2 Diabetes or pre diabetes? Your loved one signs up to the app to get guidance one how best to help you.

The results

7.7 Kgs
(16.9 lbs)
Average weight loss after 3 months
Average daily fasted blood glucose reduction after the first month.
of customers drop a BMI category within the first month
of customers lose weight and reduce their waist size during the program

We did it and you can too

More and more people are fixing themselves or their loved one by following our program of nutrition, exercise and mind.
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Seeing Geoff's story was the catalyst that was needed to change my lifestyle, my motivation to improve my health was resolute and with the support of my wife and family I proceeded to start to "Fix Tom". This was just over 9 weeks ago and since starting to diet I have currently lost 16.8 kilos. Read more.

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I find the Fixing Dad plan a  simple, common sense approach to changing your way of eating for life. The app is easy to use, interesting with lots of support from qualified coaches and the forum is great too. So far I have lost 1.5 stone with 4 to go, but I'm getting there and I'm happier than I've been for a long time. Read more.

Testimonial from program member class of 2016

Seeing the Fixing Dad programme was a light bulb moment. I signed up and chose to have the mentor option, which for me helped hugely in the first few weeks especially as having someone to respond to messages and advise on one horrendous carb flu episode was just so reassuring and helpful! So far I've lost 13lbs with another 11lbs to go. My waist is 3 inches less and I'm wearing tailored trousers that I haven't worn in 2 years! Read more.

Testimonial from program member class of 2016

I would just like to thank Geoff and the fixing dad program for the inspiration
and belief that I too could beat type 2 diabetes. Within 10 days I was off all meds. Now, coming up to 15 weeks later, I am 2 pounds off my target of 13.7, which is a weight loss of 28lbs in 14 weeks. Read more.


Why it works

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Scientifically backed

Our eating and exercise advice is based on the latest and best science.

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Personalised to you

Scientific studies show that a tailored approach works best. Our coaches ensure you are given the right advice for you.

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Habit change

You will use habit change techniques to change your bad habits into better ones.

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Expert advice

Our coaches keep you on the right track and help your fixer to help you.

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The program is easy to use and structured to give you and your fixer everything you need each week.

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Doing it together

By doing the program with your fixer, your family becomes your support team. Let them help you; it works!

You are 4 times more likely to succeed with coaching

The power of coaching

If one of our professional coaches helps you and your loved one with the Fixing Dad program you are 4 TIMES more likely to succeed in reversing your Type 2 Diabetes or pre diabetes. Unfortunately, there is a cost to the coaching, but if you can afford it we recommend it.

What's in the program

The 12 week program is designed to take you and your ‘fixer’ on a journey to change your lifestyle.
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The app

Both you and your fixer follow the program on a smartphone or tablet.


A dedicated coach to guide, motivate and support you.

Meal plans, recipes & shopping lists

Everything you need to get started


Plans for getting started and for exercise at every level.

Your mind

Techniques for tackling cravings, stress, bad habits, and the barriers to success.

Learn about nutrition

Get yourself better informed about nutrition and how to tackle Type 2 Diabetes and pre diabetes.

Track your success and celebrate

See the improvements in your blood glucose and weight. Track how your wellbeing and sleep will probably improve too.

Get started

Our programs start every Thursday.
Sign-up by 10pm GMT the day before.

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