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Jenny's story

On the 8th of July this year I retired at the age of 67 and 3/4. I felt fat, old and slow. I had let myself go in the previous year thinking "I'll sort my weight once I've retired". I'd tried Slimming World which didn't work for me as I was told I could eat as much fruit as I liked, and then I couldn't understand why I didn't lose weight!

Tom's story

I'm 62 years of age and I weighed nearly 21 stone. I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes 12 years ago and up until I took early retirement 15 months ago, I worked permanent nights. I have been married for 32 years and have four grown up children and three grandchildren. As those of you that have seen "Fixing Dad" will know the similarities between Geoff and myself are a little too close for comfort. Since finishing work my sugar levels had become better controlled, but only with the help of much medication.

Alex's story

I hugely enjoyed the programme; it was extremely motivating, insightful and enjoyable. I feel a lot more informed about sensible choices going forwards and have lost a significant amount of weight in a sustainable way. I’d hugely endorse the programme for anybody wishing to take control of their health and weight. It far exceeded my expectations; a big thumbs up.

Darren's story

The Fixing Dad/Ways of Eating program has changed my relationship with food - how I think about food, how I choose my food and how I consume my food. Years of bad programming around what is perceived to be healthy have been undone, resulting in substantial, sustainable weight loss. The program is easy to follow, breaking down the science into digestible information that makes you think before you eat. The coach, in my case the fantastic Aurora, offers support and pointers as to what you're doing right and could do better on. She even checked a menu at a restaurant in the early phase of a diet to advise on what I could eat and should avoid!

Stephen's story

I wanted to start the Fixing Dad programme as I was going to do it with my mum, until she passed away last year. Before I started the programme I was eating unhealthy processed foods, ridiculous amounts of chocolate and ice cream and this led to me being almost 14st. I had never eaten salad before, I always took sugar in my coffee and I never cooked meals from scratch, apart from warming up microwave meals or the odd bolognese. From starting the programme I had to radically change the way I saw and consumed food with new foods such as tomatoes, lettuce, courgette etc as well as making unsweetened almond milk a part of my new eating plan.

Henrietta's story

I started the fixing dad program to support my own father who has type 2. As someone who has polycystic ovary syndrome, I found out recently that my insulin levels are similarly difficult to control. The low carb diet has been brilliant and I’ve lost 9lbs since starting 2 months ago. I no longer feel bloated or sluggish and really enjoy the range of foods you can eat compared to low fat/low calorie diets. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with polycystic ovaries as it seems to have worked for me whereas exercise and a healthy diet has only done so much until now. Thanks.

Sarah's story

It's been absolutely brilliant. This is the first time I have lost weight without feeling obsessed and starving all the time! What really helped was the weekly emails with information which reinforced the science behind things. I've naturally started eating less as I just don't have the hunger highs and lows that I used to. I've been sugar free for 10 weeks now with only one minor blip at a restaurant and I've lost a stone and 2.5 inches round my waist plus I have stopped wanting to go to sleep mid afternoon! I want to keep going and carry on after the programme has finished and am thinking of signing up for the coaching to keep the momentum up.

Jane's story

I have indeed changed my way of eating as a result of the programme and so has my partner, and we regularly advocate it to everyone we talk to. It has made a great benefit to our weight, visceral fat, understanding of type 2 diabetes (which runs in my family), and healthier food choices and more. I think it is brilliant. I am seeing my doctor this week and hope to get an MOT so I can update my trackers with cholesterol etc readings.

Beverley's story

My weight has crept up and up over the past 10 years or more. I have tried so many different eating plans, none of which have worked, even though I run regularly and have been going to a personal trainer for two years. I think my weight started to creep on when I hit the menopause,  and then began to use it as an excuse for why I couldn't lose the weight. Although I have always eaten fresh food and nothing like ready meals etc… my portion control was out of control and I was relying on the exercise I was doing as the only means to lose weight.

Pat's story

My name is Pat. I'm 56 and married with a 15 year old child. We live in a farmhouse in a rural part of the Midlands of Ireland, but I work in Dublin. This involves 3 hours a day commuting. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 12 years ago. (I've been suffering from hypertension for nearly 20.) For the first 8 years I managed the condition with diet, exercise and some tablets. But increasingly my numbers and general wellbeing have deteriorated.

Adrian's story

I just cannot tell you enough what you guys have done. We watched fixing dad yet again. It's a daily ritual not because I need inspiration every day, but because it's just so powerful and real. It's changing my life daily and God if I could help pass on what your dad has passed onto me then that would mean everything. Listening to you talk about how you want to change things: I sit hear like a coiled spring wanting to pass it on. It's a feeling I struggle to explain - simply magical.

David's story

I started this programme because I could tell I was in a vicious circle of constantly eating sugar snacks for energy (and not because I was hungry). I was 17 stone, with a decent sized belly and found even putting on socks was more difficult than I knew it should be. I understood very little about food - when I'd tried to be a better eater in the past - I kept finding out my 'better' choice was actually worse for me. After watching the documentary Fixing Dad I felt determined to sort myself out, and got the 'ways of eating' app to educate myself.

Kevin's story

I would just like to thank Geoff and the fixing dad program for the inspiration and belief that I too could beat type 2 diabetes. My story started on the 2nd of August when I went to doctors with a dry mouth!!! My blood sugars were 25 so I went to A&E they kept me in overnight. I was in shock and they sent me home with metformin and gliclizide. That is when I watched fixing dad and it changed my life.

Derek's story

Four weeks ago when I started on the Ways to Eat programme I was unsure as to the outcome. After all, the diet was the opposite to that which my GP had put me on for the past seven years for
my diabetes. That was low fat and high carbs. But it has worked in just 4 weeks. I have lost 7lbs in weight and my blood sugar has dropped by on average 3 points.

Mavis's story

My story starts nearly 7 years ago now when after a well woman check it was discovered that I was pre-diabetic. I controlled it successfully for 5 years with diet alone but became complacent in the last year by eating a diet very rich in carbs and refined sugar. At the August health check I discovered that this had naturally led to my Hbalc levels soaring from 44 to 69. Medication was the next step. However, I had seen the fixing dad programme and persuaded my doctor to give me three months to turn things around - this he agreed to do.

Elaine's story

I'm enjoying the program and have found the information provided each week, together with support from my coach, invaluable. The program helped me to set realistic goals as well as showing me how to eat low carb. Being able to log my food and track my progress via the app has helped me to become more conscious about what I'm eating and has kept me motivated. Eating low-carb is challenging but the program provides a great introduction and after 4 weeks I'm already feeling less bloated and more energetic. I'm looking forward to completing the next two months and achieving my health and fitness goals.

Helen's story

find the Fixing Dad plan a  simple, common sense approach to changing your way of eating for life. The app is easy to use, interesting with lots of support from qualified coaches and the forum is great too. So far I have lost 1.5 stone with 4 to go, but I'm getting there and I'm happier than I've been for a long time.

Warren's story

I thought I was possibly suffering from diabetes for a few months as I had read about the symptoms i.e. thirsty, excessive drinking, excessive urinating, and tiredness. But stupidly I chose to ignore them. I was on a weekend away with a few friends, one of which had a blood glucose testing kit. Everyone was having a go as people do, so I said why not for a laugh. I wasn’t laughing a few minutes later as my friend said ‘If it is 7 or 8 then that is quite high’. Mine was 22, she said I should see my GP.

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