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I just cannot tell you enough what you guys have done. We watched fixing dad yet again. It's a daily ritual not because I need inspiration every day, but because it's just so powerful and real.

It's changing my life daily and God if I could help pass on what your dad has passed onto me then that would mean everything. Listening to you talk about how you want to change things: I sit hear like a coiled spring wanting to pass it on. It's a feeling I struggle to explain - simply magical. Sorry to go on but this is what you have done for me and it's changing my life in a massive way daily.

I have a fantastic group of friends behind me and my family and it's beautiful. I now have to prove to them and the rest of the world what is possible.

This is all your fault and I love you all for it!!"  

(He's gone from 40 st to 29 st and still reducing now on FD Program! - Anthony Whitington)

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