Beverley's story

My name is Beverley Wright, I am 56 years old and live in Benfleet in Essex.

My weight has crept up and up over the past 10 years or more. I have tried so many different eating plans, none of which have worked, even though I run regularly and have been going to a personal trainer for two years. I think my weight started to creep on when I hit the menopause,  and then began to use it as an excuse for why I couldn't lose the weight. Although I have always eaten fresh food and nothing like ready meals etc… my portion control was out of control and I was relying on the exercise I was doing as the only means to lose weight.

I started the program and can honestly say I did not stray from it at all. After the first few weeks I started to see differences, not only in my clothes but on the scales and this spurred me on to stick with it. I found giving up bread the hardest, but as a suffer of IBS, the almost instant loss of all symptoms made me realise that this new way of eating was not only good for my weight loss but much better for my health. As the weeks went on I found it easier and easier to stick to the plan, finding more and more different meals and places when out and about to eat without straying. I must say my running improved considerably, I no longer wanted to run where people didn't go (for there no one could see how fat I was) and the running and exercise was so much easier. I never once felt I lacked in energy, in fact I think I probably had more energy on the plan than I did before.

The most helpful tool the plan gave me was access to a coach who responded to any question I had very quickly and in a no nonsense way. Unlike other slimming clubs etc where you go the same time and day each week and have to wait your turn to ask things, this plan enabled you to have contact anytime you needed it. I think after the first two weeks and once I had started to notice a difference in my clothes I never looked back and found the eating easy to stick to. If at anytime I felt like eating say bread or something I shouldn't, as soon as I ate my healthy meal and felt full I didn't have that urge to eat as I used to before.

I have in the 12 weeks since starting the plan gone from being obese to pre-obese and feel confident that I will soon be in my normal weight range for myself height.

I can't praise this eating plan enough, not only is it very healthy, but it's the first time in about 10 years or more that I have successfully lost a significant amount of weight and got into a safer range. It's has taught me so much. I now don't eat a meal until I'm so full I can't eat anymore but have learned instead to stop before I'm completely stuffed and feel too full. I'm very mindful of sticking to the plan and don't really crave the way I used to eat before. I'm now looking forward to losing the rest of my excess weight and feeling fitter.

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