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The Fixing Dad/Ways of Eating program has changed my relationship with food - how I think about food, how I choose my food and how I consume my food. Years of bad programming around what is perceived to be healthy have been undone, resulting in substantial, sustainable weight loss. The program is easy to follow, breaking down the science into digestible information that makes you think before you eat. The coach, in my case the fantastic Aurora, offers support and pointers as to what you're doing right and could do better on. She even checked a menu at a restaurant in the early phase of a diet to advise on what I could eat and should avoid!

The benefits have included almost unlimited energy, better sleep, lower blood pressure and a 20% result reduction to my resting heart rate. Off the back of this I have started a fairly hardcore training programme and I'm getting slightly embarrassed by all the positive comments on my new physique!

I would recommend the program to anyone who wants to make a steep change in weight loss. I've tried other diets and this one is the only one that makes sense.

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Do the 12 week program as a family to make the changes you need in diet, exercise and mind.
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