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I started this programme because I could tell I was in a vicious circle of constantly eating sugar snacks for energy (and not because I was hungry). I was 17 stone, with a decent sized belly and found even putting on socks was more difficult than I knew it should be. I understood very little about food - when I'd tried to be a better eater in the past - I kept finding out my 'better' choice was actually worse for me. After watching the documentary Fixing Dad I felt determined to sort myself out, and got the 'ways of eating' app to educate myself. I didn't want to diet - I have no interest in fitness other than feeling healthier - I just wanted to learn what was good for me so I could make better decisions. I also signed up for four weeks with a coach, which is an excellent addition to the app, and constant morale boost.

The app and coaches advice was clear to understand, but more importantly immediately relevant to me and the way I was feeling - it was as though someone had just told me the obvious truth about food after 40 years of lies (probably because that's exactly what happened). I could instantly tell that everything they said to me made total sense and made me feel better - and with this education and support - it was very little effort to cut out the binge snacking.

Little things like: I was always told it was best to eat breakfast (to avoid snacking) - so I would have 'healthy' cereal or toast - but by 10am, after the sugar crash, I was snacking for the rest of the day. As soon as I swapped cereal for bacon and egg - I found I was full and had NO desire to snack for extra energy. Later in the day, if I was getting hungry before I could eat a main meal I'd just have some cheese (instead of chocolate and crisps) - and again, this didn't lead to constant snacking. For the main meal - whenever possible - I'd choose cooked veg and cheese with some chicken rather than potato/pasta/bread.

As mentioned, I didn't want to diet - so I haven't been strict with myself - and probably every other day I had pasta or bread (but much much less of it). That seemed to work ok-ish for me (everyone's different), but I could tell I was in a 'snackier' mood when I did.

I lost about 1/4 a stone a week, every week, and I'm now 6 weeks in. I feel much better about myself and I don't feel any desire to stop. Instead, I look forward to feeling even fitter. I have (and would) recommend this lifestyle to anyone. Huge thanks to everyone who has helped educate me - this is knowledge I will use for life, and could have easily prolonged my life. Seriously - THANK YOU.

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