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I have indeed changed my way of eating as a result of the programme and so has my partner, and we regularly advocate it to everyone we talk to. It has made a great benefit to our weight, visceral fat, understanding of type 2 diabetes (which runs in my family), and healthier food choices and more. I think it is brilliant. I am seeing my doctor this week and hope to get an MOT so I can update my trackers with cholesterol etc readings.


 The Ways of Eating programme has been both a revelation and a life changer for my partner and me. We started an NHS diet in the new year 2016 and lost a stone, but it didn’t shift the visceral fat and I was still inclined towards binge eating when stressed.

We saw the Fixing Dad interview on BBC Breakfast and then watched the documentary. I then signed up for the programme using the App. The effect was fantastic, we feel so much better and have learnt so much from the weekly info that the App gives. The effect of a couple of ‘accidental’ carb meals during the programme confirmed to us how much our bodies get used to the effects of carb peaks in the blood. We felt so awful (like a hangover almost) the only way to feel better was to go out and walk it off. So the experience confirmed that what we were doing was right.

After the end of the three month programme I got my test results from the Doctor. My blood pressure had fallen to normal levels, whereas 9 months earlier I was borderline for medication. My total cholesterol was 4.5 (5 or less is recommended for healthy adults); HDL 1.9 (above 1.2 is ideal); LDL was 2.3 (3 or less for healthy adults); Cholesterol/HDL ratio was 2.4 (should be below 4); and triglycerides was 0.6 (should be below 3). My serum glucose level was 5. I lost a further ¾ stone in weight, but this was visceral fat losing about 9cm off my waistline.

So we are both back to body shape and size of our twenties and people tell us we look well. We both feel so much better and indeed this is the way of eating for us now. I look at the cakes brought in at work (pretty much daily) as a toxin of sugar, so the sweets and treats hold no temptation for me as I know how they’ll make me feel and how damaging it is in the long term.

The programme has been a life changing wake up call for us both, but particularly for me at 55 with a history of Type 2 diabetes in my family, and my Mother suffering now with the damaging effects in her late 80’s.

Thank you to the Way of Eating Team and to the Fixing Dad family. It has been inspirational.

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