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On the 8th of July this year I retired at the age of 67 and 3/4. I felt fat, old and slow. I had let myself go in the previous year thinking "I'll sort my weight once I've retired". I'd tried Slimming World which didn't work for me as I was told I could eat as much fruit as I liked, and then I couldn't understand why I didn't lose weight!

Seeing the Fixing Dad programme was a light bulb moment. I signed up and chose to follow the mentor option. It helped me hugely in the first few weeks, especially as then I had someone to respond to messages and advise me on a horrendous carb flu episode. It was just so reassuring and helpful!

So far I've lost 13lbs with another 11lbs to go. My waist is 3 inches less and I'm wearing tailored trousers that I haven't worn in 2 years! I've recently bought "The 8-week blood sugar diet recipe book" which is written by 2 doctors and contains so many simple great recipes with just a few ingredients. Tonight I had 2 large Portabello mushrooms brushed with olive oil and grilled, topped with soft goats's cheese and toasted pine nuts. When it was on the plate I thought it was rather a meagre dinner and I might have to resort to an avocado to 'top up'. However, I was totally full. I wish I had discovered low carb 18 months ago but finally feel I CAN actually lose the last 11lbs.

 I did have one bad day when I was out with a friend and had 2 glasses of wine, half a brownie with ice cream and then went home and demolished a tub of ice cream for dinner. Never again - I slept really badly, felt bloated and had brain fog! It did show me how much more alert I feel when sticking to low carb. Good luck!

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