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My story starts nearly 7 years ago now when after a well woman check it was discovered that I was pre-diabetic. I controlled it successfully for 5 years with diet alone but became complacent in the last year by eating a diet very rich in carbs and refined sugar. At the August health check I discovered that this had naturally led to my Hbalc levels soaring from 44 to 69. Medication was the next step. However, I had seen the fixing dad programme and persuaded my doctor to give me three months to turn things around - this he agreed to do.

I signed up to the ways of eating programme there and then and am so pleased with the results. It is very easy to follow and after the first week (where I experienced a bit of carb flu) I haven't looked back. I found the recipes given in the library delicious and have gone on to concoct many of my own. The desire for sweet things has disappeared and I no longer feel the need to pile my plate with high carb foods. I did miss the quantity of fruit I was used to having at first but I concentrated on just eating berries although I can know have the occasional apple with no problem and low carb vegetables have become my friends - even having them for breakfast sometimes, particularly avocados.

I have taken up nordic walking with a group which I really enjoy and do light weights for a bit of toning up. My waist measurement has reduced by 2 inches and a weight loss of 18lb has given me such a boost, another 7lb loss will bring me to my ideal weight for my height. The biggest change is that at my last diabetic check my Hbalc had dropped from the dreaded 69 to 44 and my good cholesterol had risen. My doctor was astounded at the results in such a short time and listened with interest to what I had been doing.

The whole programme is so informative and encouraging and I felt supported right from day one. I have also learnt so much about how the body deals with carbs and this is now my way of eating for the rest of my life. I would encourage anybody to give it a go and after the initial adjustments I'm sure they will be as pleased as I am.

I will contact you again in a year and tell you how things are progressing, so thank you to the whole team at Ways for Eating you are making differences to people's lives.

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