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I wanted to start the Fixing Dad programme as I was going to do it with my mum, until she passed away last year. Before I started the programme I was eating unhealthy processed foods, ridiculous amounts of chocolate and ice cream and this led to me being almost 14st. I had never eaten salad before, I always took sugar in my coffee and I never cooked meals from scratch, apart from warming up microwave meals or the odd bolognese. From starting the programme I had to radically change the way I saw and consumed food with new foods such as tomatoes, lettuce, courgette etc as well as making unsweetened almond milk a part of my new eating plan.

I have totally changed how and what I eat and have really enjoyed discovering new foods such as tuna, mackerel, swede mash, foods that I never thought I would eat. I now enjoy cooking and have learnt some great recipes from the app such as bacon and broccoli soup, cauliflower cheese, breakfast muffins etc.

I have had to do this plan with limited cooking utensils and a limited budget, but I have succeeded in losing weight and eating healthily along the way so it can be done whatever the budget.

The coaching was invaluable as I needed lots of advice and no question was too silly and I always had prompt replies. The positive feedback from my coach was a great help during the course and I am grateful that I was able to benefit from it. I would not have been successful if it wasn't for the coaching and the information provided weekly from the app. I am really happy with my new lifestyle and have even encouraged friends to try the same. I also have had remarks from those that know saying how much weight I have lost and that I look healthier. This is all down to the programme. I would like to thank all those from Ways of Eating and Fixing Dad for this life changing opportunity.

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